High-Risk Surgery and Reintervention

High-Risk Surgery and Reintervention

All surgical procedures carry with them some risk that the desired result may not be achieved. Or even worse, severe health side effects may result. In this case a surgical reintervention may be required. Typically these situations are more complicated than the original procedure and therefore carry increased risk factors. When this is the case, a patient should choose only the most experienced of surgical teams to perform the reintervention.


Previous Bariatric Surgery
When a patient is experiencing complications from a previous bariatric surgery, reintervention may be necessary. A few common types of bariatric surgery complications are:

  • Failure of Adjustable Gastric Band:
    Patients may experience a stagnation in weight loss over time. More concerning is when the band moves, or even penetrates the stomach. In many of these cases it may be necessary to remove the gastric band and perform a gastric bypass in a second operation.

  • Un-Cut Gastroplasty:
    This is a complication resulting from a vertical gastroplasty procedure, in which the stomach walls would stretch and the benefits of the procedure would subside. This procedure was more common before the rise of the gastric band.

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy Failure:
    The most common reason for this is a dialation of the gastric pouch. In this case the sleeve may be able to be recalibrated, or converted to a gastric bypass.

  • Failure of Gastric Bypass:
    One option in this case is a conversion to a Duodenal Switch procedure. This is a complicated operation and should only be performed by an experieced surgeon.

Reintervention after previous bariatric surgery is a high risk operation. Make sure to consult with your surgeon and decide what is right for your situation. Surgery for Obesity Group has performed hundreds of corrective weight loss surgery procedures after the original operation performed by another surgeon was unsuccessful. If you are experiencing bariatric surgery complications from a previous weight loss operation, talk to one of our medical experts to determine what we can do for you.

Prior Non-Bariatric Abdominal Surgery
The level of complexity of these cases varies, depending on the level of adhesions found, and the nature of the previous procedure. Make sure to talk to your surgeon about past procedures and how they will affect your candidacy. In general an experienced surgeon can successfully perform these operation if sufficient caution is undertaken.

Additional High Risk Factors
Generally a candidate for bariatric surgery must meet a set of generally agreed upon criteria. The reson for having these guidelines is to help ensure patient safety, as cases outside of this framework involve increased amounts of risk. Sometimes patients are accepted, depending on the situation. When this takes place, extra caution must be exercised. For these severe cases, it is highly recommended to have the procedure performed at a bariatric center for excellence by a surgeon skilled in these procedures. Ask Surgery for Obesity Group about our experience in these areas.


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